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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists is a non-profit association
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This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with the corporate company
known as the Church of Spiritual Technology or its companies and churches such as the Religious Technology Centre,
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    I have been requested by several people to set up a system for people to make donations to APIS.

    Some people are not always able to devote the time they would like to a cause they believe in and so donations are a way people can contribute towards a cause of their choosing. APIS appreciates all donations of whatever size to assist with various activities such as promotion, marketing, technical support and legal issues.

    If you wish to make a donation to APIS, whether as a member or not, you can freely do so through either the PayPal system or by check.

    APIS has a PayPal account: payments@goldcenturypress.com

    Go to your PayPal account and bringing up the payments screen as shown in the screenshot below and make your donation to payments@goldcenturypress.com You can select a donation of any amount you wish.

    To open a PayPal account please go to here: PayPal

    Note: You do not HAVE to have a Paypal account to donate with credit cards


    If you do not want to use the PayPal system for any reason you can use Bitcoin.

    One can also pay with Bitcoin.

    Our public wallet is: 0xCb6d5d462D4823641F46e26871a9d21749CF4DB7

    Ensure you copy/paste and not just type it out

    If you do not use either Paypal or Bitcoin but still wish to donate please contact us through the contacts page advising your preferred method of donation.

    Please Note: All donations are confidential. Not all donations necessarily accepted. The use and disposal of any and all donations is at the discretion of the Officers of APIS. Donations to APIS may or may not be Tax Deductible. APIS is a registered non-profit association in the State of Delaware, USA. Always consult with your financial advisor before claiming a deduction for tax reasons.

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